Meditour, a primary medical tourism facilitator, is your one-stop shop in medical tourism. They offer a variety of modern medical and dental services, using the most refined techniques and methods. In addition we arrange all necessary travel and accommodation reservations, tailor made to your preferences. Each step of the journey recorded to the blockchain, and updated with every step of the journey and pushed via cloud services to the client, specialists, hospitals, taxi’s and all other services to streamline and simplify the trip.
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The design anatomy of the Meditour logo, based on the idea of way finding, navigating and simplifying medical tourism. Accountability and stages of the journey recorded on the blockchain from the start of the journey so assure ease of use for the end user.
An example of part of the branding associated with Meditour a plane ticket is sent to the end user which contains a QR code and the first leg of the journey on the ticket including information like what flight number, gate number, and which seat is booked.
An advertisement for Meditour showing a doctor and the Meditour logo.
An advertisement for Meditour showing a doctor